About our breakthrough Research & Development (R&D) programs: 

The vascular endothelium is a single layer of cells lining blood vessels that plays a key role in regulating migrocirculation and nutritive blood flow, which provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in our body. Endothelial dysfunction is the cause of many diseases, which have a high medical need, due to insufficient local blood flow resulting in tissue hypoxis and nutrient deficiency.

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TOPADUR has invented a new class of low molecular weight drugs with a dual mode of action. They stimulate capillary blood flow with an unprecedented potency and efficacy, and to address the problems caused by endothelial dysfunction.

Based on our key invention we have developed an attractive portfolio of drug candidates to treat major health problems.


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– TOPADUR’s leading drug, TOP-N53 enables the healing of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) and orphan ulcera. It will enter clinical trials in spring 2020.

TOP-N53 has the potential to be a breakthrough medication in preventing diseases with high unmet medical need, with the possibility to save more than one million foot amputations every year and to decrease associated mortality.

TOP-V122 and TOP-T5 are new candidate drugs in pre-clinical stage, predicted to increase ocular blood microcirculation and neuroprotection. These medical compounds have the potential to become breakthrough therapies in preventing blindness in several ophthalmic diseases.

– TOP-N44 is a drug candidate in preclinical development, which we expect, based on preclinical data, to inhibit scar formation after burn wounds.

We demonstrated in a recent proof of concept that TOP-M119 is a potent hair growth promoter. Since loss of sensory hair cells in the inner ear is the main reason for age dependent hearing loss, we plan to evaluate the potential of this drug candidate in animal models for such indications.

TOPADUR has in fact a rich pipeline of unique drug candidates. The opportunistic R&D projects for early out-licensing are an additional source for generating income to support the development of our priority products next to the valued continuing support of our existing investors.


Topadur’s lead R&D proprietary programs are local active, highly potent, dual mode of action drugs. Topadur’s unique development candidates work on validated drug targets resulting in higher than average clinical success chances.