Board of Directors

Portrait_Brenneisen-1Pascal Brenneisen
VP + Founder of Brenneisen life science Switzerland
Former country president Novartis Schweiz
Dr. Dominik Escher
Founder and Chairman of CDR-Life AG
President of the Swiss Biotech Association
Founder and former CEO ESBATech AG
Reto-1Dr. Reto Naef
MBA (Präsident/Chairman)
CEO Topadur Pharma AG
Former Novartis Pharma AG, Research
Prof. Dr. Günther Wess
Former Director of the Helmholtz Center in Munich until 2018, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes and oncology, Former Europe Head Research Höchst, Aventis
Dr. LLM Christian Ludin, University of Zurich
CDO, Head Legal,
Secretary of the Board of TOPADUR