The Topadur team dedicated to perform

Rooting in from Topadur GmbH (formed in 2010), Topadur Pharma AG is built on a Leadership Team which integrates significant experience and broad knowledge covering all aspects of Pharmaceutical Drug Development with specific scientific and managerial expertise to guide a promising medical entity to the market. Each of the members was actively involved and contributing to one or more major products on the current pharmaceutical market.

Reto-1Reto Naef CEO, Research
PhD chemistry ETH-Z, MBH executive Mgt. UZH
30 years Pharma Research, 12 patents
Significant contributions to 3 major marketed products
Guido Koch COO, Research & Development
PhD chemistry ETH Zürich, Universität Basel, Caltech, Pasadena (USA),
20 years Pharma Research and Development, 8 patents (7 published)
Significant contributions to 1 major marketed product and 4 clinical candidates
HermannHermann Tenor Clinical Affairs, R&D
MD Charité Berlin
24 years Pharma Research, 9 patents
Significant contributions to 3 major marketed products
Tina2Christina Attaalla Finance, HR, Legal
B.A AKAD Zurich
23 years heading finance and executive board member
for several SMUs