The Topadur team dedicated to perform

Rooting in from Topadur GmbH (formed in 2010), Topadur Pharma AG is built on a Leadership Team which integrates significant experience and broad knowledge covering all aspects of Pharmaceutical Drug Development with specific scientific and managerial expertise to guide a promising medical entity to the market. Each of the members was actively involved and contributing to one or more major products on the current pharmaceutical market.

Reto-1Reto Naef CEO, Research
PhD chemistry ETH Zurich,
MBH Executive Mgt. Uni Zurich
30 years Pharma Research, 12 patents
Significant contributions to 3 major marketed products
Guido Koch COO, Research & Development
PhD chemistry ETH Zürich, Universität Basel, Caltech, Pasadena (USA),
20 years Pharma Research and Development, 8 patents (7 published)
Significant contributions to 1 major marketed product and 4 clinical candidates
HermannHermann Tenor CSO, R&D
MD Charité Berlin
24 years Pharma Research, 9 patents
Significant contributions to 3 major marketed products
Tina2Christina Attaalla Finance, HR,
B.A. AKAD Zurich
23 years heading finance and executive board member
for several SMEs
Christian Ludin CDO, Head Legal
PhD chemistry Uni Freiburg i. Brsg., LLM Uni Zurich
23 years of experience in biotechnology, 13 patents,
Significant contributions to the development of 3 clinical candidates
Clinical development, IP & Contracts at Polyphor Ltd. Allschwil