Nomination of Topadur as a finalist of the Swiss Economy Award

Nomination of Topadur as finalist of the Swiss Economy Award 2018

On April 12, 2018, the 15 best start-up companies of the year in Switzerland were invited to present their innovative business ideas during the course of the special Campus Day. After the individual sales pitches the 9 finalists were nominated which are going to compete against each other at the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) 2018 which will take place from June 7 – 8, 2018 in Interlaken.

The SEF Award is one of the most significant prizes for young entrepreneurs in Switzerland and will be awarded in Interlaken for the 20th consecutive year. The distinguished country competition will award a prize to excellent entrepreneurial achievements in three categories: (i) Production/retail; (ii) Hightech/Biotechnology and (iii) Service Industry. The young and promising start-up cracks were nominated by the expert team of the SEF-Award panel and the attending public audience of the mentioned Campus Day.

We are very proud to announce that TOPADUR PHARMA AG was nominated in the category Hightech/Biotech together with the other finalist start-ups Best Mile and Nanolive. The winners will be announced during the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) 2018 in Interlaken. See further link: