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TOPADUR starts clinical development of a new wound healing drug

Zurich-Schlieren, Switzerland, September 10, 2020. TOPADUR Pharma AG, a biopharmaceutical start-up company today announces dosing of first healthy subjects in Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating the safety and tolerability of TOP-N53, a first-in-class wound healing drug candidate.TOP-N53 locally applied, increases microcirculation and induces the formation of new blood vessels.TOP-N53 has demonstrated unprecedented potency and efficacy in preclinical models. “We are very positive it will address an important need for patients with non-healing cutaneous wounds exemplified by diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) and digital ulcers (DU)“, said Reto Naef, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO at TOPADUR Pharma AG. The Phase 1 clinical trial will evaluate the safety and tolerability of single ascending doses of TOPN53 in healthy subjects. "The enrollment of the first subjects in this trial is a major event in the clinical development program for this promising drug candidate," commented Dr. Naef. "If successful, the trial will provide important validation for our innovative approach to treat debilitating and rare wound healing diseases."

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Press Release

TOPADUR Pharma AG announces positive results from TOP-N53 First-in-Human Study

TOPADUR Pharma AG announces positive results from a First-in-Human study evaluating the safety, tolerability and efficacy of TOP-N53.

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Interview with Reto Naef, CEO of TOPADUR PHARMA AG

The Switzerland Global Enterprise interviewed Reto Naef, CEO of TOPADUR PHARMA AG.

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Press Release

Dr. Daniel L. Vasella new member of the Board of Directors

The shareholders of the company elected today Dr. Daniel L. Vasella, as new member to the Board of Directors.

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